Are you a book worm who has your finger on the pulse on what is hot on the book market? Do you keep track of the best sellers lists? Maybe you're also a numbers whiz who is an excel champ or you're an expert with rights and production. If so, you've met your match in Team Content

Made up of Content Controlling and Content Curation, Team Content makes sure that BookBeat's customers get the right book tips at the right time. Read more about the content departments below!

Content Curation
Are you the person who says, “I read the book first. The movie wasn’t as good”? Then you probably belong on team Content Curation.

Team Content Curation are walking bookstores. They’re voracious readers who keep their eye on all the latest releases, what’s hot and what’s not. They have their thumb on the zeitgeist of the book world. 

They are BookBeat’s (very cool and trendy) librarians. They curate our catalogues and make sure that our users can see the content that is most relevant to them. They organize our content so that the right books show up on the right lists.

How, you may ask? Just like with other teams at BookBeat, Content Curation is driven by data and figures. They use the help of our very own data scientists to recognize trends and to predict what will be popular next so that your next favorite book is just one tap away. 

Not only are they book experts, they are also performance experts. They share consumption information to other teams so that we know what our users actually enjoy, so we can keep our listeners happy.

Content Controlling
Are you wondering "What does team Content Controlling do?" Don't worry, until we sat down to write this, we were too.

Long story short, Team Content Controlling is the missing link! They wear many hats and work closely with almost every team at BookBeat and are the gatekeepers for publishers hoping to add their content to the BookBeat app. 

So what exactly do they do? Content Controlling tracks consumption and analyses user data and behaviour to see how customers are consuming content. They optimize our business model based on their findings and are contract and negotiating experts.

They work closely with the content team and Finance team by sharing sales insights, so that they can make informed choices. If you are a whiz kid when it comes to numbers, get a kick out of maintaining relationships and love books, then you belong on Team Content Controlling.


When you work at BookBeat you will...

  • Work at a prime office location in the heart of Stockholm. If you join the team in Stockholm, you can enjoy free access to a full gym complete with a sauna, or borrow a bicycle from reception to speed off to your next meeting. However! Given the current situation, we're working from home right now. We are SO looking forward to hanging out with both our rookies and veterans at the office again, but until then - BookBeaters are true experts at adapting. We make sure everything runs smootly even when working remotely.
  • Have the opportunity to grow in your role and career. We believe in giving all of our employees the tools they need so that they can be great at what they do. This includes challenging and educational work assignments as well as opportunities for education
  • Enjoy our Friday afternoon mingles (or as we call it Beer O'Clock) and monthly company breakfasts. We see the importance of having a strong team and we organize fun events to make sure we all stay connected.
  • Enjoy very fun (we may be biased) work events. From Christmas parties with our colleagues at Bonnierförlagen to Road Map days ending in a company trip to the spa, we host and participate in all different kinds of fun activities. 
  • Partake in Hack Days. Hack Days are a full day dedicated to exploring projects that you might not have time to do in your day to day work. In the past people have done everything from creating an app to be used for marketing campaigns to exploring how to integrate voice and machine learning into our existing product. We’ve even had employees use their hack day to bake sweet treats for the rest of the team. 
  • Present at Friday Demo. Every Friday we hold a cross company demo where you have the opportunity to share what you've been working on that week. We believe in cross-functional work and having a weekly demo facilitates this by giving you the opportunity to brag a bit about your hard work and your latest accomplishments.

Want to learn more? Be sure to reach out!

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